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Lubrico Warranty Coverage

Do you want a Warranty for your New & Used Car?

Dundas Automotive Sales & Service is proud to offer  Lubrico Extended Warranties .

Lubrico Warranty is proud to have been providing Peace of Mind Motoring to Canadian car buyers and dealers since 1977! Consider choosing from our wide range of warranty terms and products, all with the security of insurance protection from Lombard General Insurance Company of Canada.

Lubrico Warranty has been providing mechanical breakdown protection to hundreds of thousands of car buyers since 1977. For more than 30 years, we have been dedicated to providing a high level of customer satisfaction through reliability, service and continuous product development, which has made us the leading used vehicle warranty provider in Canada!

Across Canada, over 4,000 car dealers choose Lubrico Warranty as their extended warranty provider. They know they can trust Lubrico and our more than 2,500 repair centres to protect consumers from unforeseen repair expenses. Through excellent customer service, fast claims processing and prompt claims payment, we have built a solid reputation in this industry – and it shows!

Select the plan that best suits your needs: Consider choosing from our wide range of vehicle warranty terms and products, all with the security of insurance protection from Northbridge General Insurance Corporation.

Lubrico Warranty Coverage For Used Vehicles Of Any Make , Year , Or Mileage

Drive with Peace of Mind - Extend Your Warranty With Dundas Automotive Sales & Service

At Dundas Automotive Sales , we believe owning a vehicle feels better when there’s less to worry about. That’s why we show options to include an extended warranty on all our vehicles , From Limited Powertrain Protection to our most comprehensive Superior Protection!

Dundas Automotive Sales offers a variety of extended auto warranty packages from Lubrico Warranty. If you plan on keeping your new vehicle for a while, an extended warranty can prove to be a smart choice. For any parts and services you’ll need in the future, you’ll generally be covered by your warranty.

Additionally, if your planning on financing your vehicle, you’ll be able to include your extended warranty into your monthly payments. While your monthly payments will be slightly higher with an extended auto warranty, you’ll avoid having a big bill for service and parts when your vehicle needs it.

When thinking about an extended auto warranty for a vehicle purchase, here are a few items to consider:

  • Consider how long you’ll be keeping the car.
  • Think about your budget and what kind of monthly payments you can afford.
  • Learn exactly what components are covered in your extended auto warranty.

Note: Information provided on this page is superseded by the terms and conditions of the warranty contract, and is subject to change at any time. Please Contact Dundas Automotive Sales for complete details of coverage, premium and vehicle eligibility. Each and every plan we sell is fully insured by Northbridge General Insurance Corporation for your protection.

Ask about our Extended Warranty Today!

If you need an extended warranty, contact Dundas Automotive . We offer a variety of coverage plans through Lubrico Warranty to suit your needs. Contact us or stop by to learn more about our warranty plans. We look forward to speaking with you.